Photo by: Marty Lang


Travis T Freeman

To Whom it May Concern:

From the tops of the trees in The Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Preserve, I will act as a messenger to the Universe.  You are invited to use me as a conduit to send your words into the night sky and whoever might be listening above.  Text a message to 647 499 7544 and I will call it out from his place in the treetops. As many messages, secrets, dreams, questions, confessions, and wishes as possible will be read out during the 12 hours of Nuit Blanche. A live broadcast will be sent from the park to the Queen Mother Cafe. From there you can see the video feed from the dark sky presernce, hear the words as I cry them out, and read the texts as they come in from around the city.

To Whom It May Concern uses current technology for a magical and ancient purpose.  Can we repurpose our devices to bring us closer to the nature?















Nuit Blanche Toronto
October 5, 2013