Travis T Freeman

At Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota I invited several professors to hold their class in the gallery. I created a class room where a metaphysics class, and a new media class met for a month.text

Dear Professor,

My name is Travis Freeman, and I have been given the privilege of occupying the gallery in the Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center on the Macalester campus during the month of October. I am planning an exhibition exploring issues of space, time, energy, contemplation, and things unseen. Most of the projects include very little physicality at all, as I am primarily concerned with how our presence changes a space though occupation or intention.

I have often had the experience of walking into an empty classroom with a sense of wonder. I think, what has happened in here? What ideas have been raised? What epiphanies have sprung up? What could I have learned had I been seated here? Whether this wonder comes from an energy left behind by the classes or simply my psychology is a vibrant question for me.

To bring these questions and wonder into focus I have proposed to turn part of the gallery into a classroom for the duration of the exhibition (Oct. 3rd to Nov. 1st). I am writing to ask if you would be interested in conducting your class in this alternative location. Judging mostly by title, I thought perhaps your class would particularly suit this project, and the project itself might stimulate your class in return.

The classroom will be shut off from the public during class time, but open for people to walk through whenever a class is not in session. We will arrange to have the necessities for teaching your class in the room. All you would need to do is tell us what you require in the room, tell your students where to meet, and show up and run your class as usual. I would love to have your class meet in the alternative space for the entire month; but, of course, would be happy if you wanted to meet for a single session. Please, let me know if you are interested at least a week in advance if your class, to avoid conflicts with other groups.