Energy Pyramids

Travis T Freeman

For three shifts of eight hours each, I attempted to mold my own consciousness and energy into a tangible shape. The drawing on the wall behind me shows the shape I was attempting. In this image I have rubbed the charcoal from the wall on my hands and am molding the tip of the downward pointing pyramid.

While considering this project I put myself into a trance state. Following is part of what I remember from that experience:

I began in a white cube, which quickly crumbled away to show a factory loft type space with many people moving about setting up art projects. I found an empty wall and put up a drawing of two intersecting pyramids. One pyramid pointed up and the other pointed down, overlapping in a sort of diamond shape. I found myself inside the drawing. I was able to smear the charcoal in three dimensions creating forms from my line drawing. I then found myself back in the gallery space working on creating the form, not with charcoal, but with energy and consciousness. I was using a ladder to be able to sculpt the form the floor to about 12 feet in the air. At first my hands were still covered in the charcoal, but then they began to glow with a light. I was able to spin the form and work on as though it was clay on a wheel. It became more like two intersecting cones, than pyramids. The point where the two cones met began to glow and shine like a diamond. I got off the ladder and stood so that the shining point was inside my chest. I stayed there for some time, feeling the diamond-like shine in my heart.