The Fox Lodge

Dear Friends,
I would like to invite you to gather in a space I have created
for my MFA thesis exhibition which opened last Friday in the
Nash Gallery at the University of Minnesota. The space is
called The Fox Lodge and is meant to be a meeting or
gathering place for groups that meet regularly around
any particular interest.
As I wrote in the first invitation to my projects over a year
ago, my ideas of spirituality come more from movies, books,
and stories, than from any church or religion. The Fox Lodge
attempts to call a few of these stories and myths into a
physical space. In the movie of The Little Prince, the
Fox asks the Prince that to tame him in order that they may
become unique to one another. The fox explains; the Prince
must come and sit in the woods, in the same spot, at the
same time each day, without doing anything. Watching this
scene, I remembered I once heard it said that any group that
meets regularly for any reason, eventually takes on a
spiritual nature. I owe much to such groups and would
like to dedicate this space to them.
I will be using the space to meet weekly for Dream Group,
and Dungeons & Dragons night. This will fill the space
Monday and Thursday evenings. You are invited to sign up to
use the Lodge for your group meeting any free day or night.
I have posted a calendar outside the Lodge and you can sign
up in person or email me a time request. Please indicate if
you would like your event to be open to the public, otherwise
it will be assumed that your meeting is intended only for
those whom you regularly meet with. In the space are floor
cushions and a low table. Feel free to bring whatever else
you need, though be informed that the gallery does not allow
food or drink. The Lodge is open during normal gallery
hours (Tues-Sat 11am-7pm), but if you contact me ahead
of time I can work out special arrangements for your group
after hours.

Travis Freeman



Travis T Freeman

A video installation project where the public was invited to use the gallery space for any purpose that involved meeting with others. Inside the room was a video projection on each wall featuring a fox. One was of me sleeping in the space wearing a fox mask, the rest were from movies and TV. In the center photo above, a fellow artist hosts a ceremony for the opening of a sealed box of Alf cards he won on ebay, and on the right a group meets for their regular board game night for interstellar conquesting.