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Travis T Freeman

A visitor leans in to ask a question during Oracle. For the month preceding the event, I worked with four other artists, training and practicing entering trance states. On the night shown here, four of us were simultaneously in our trances when the audience arrived. Two hosts introduced the project and invited guests to ask us about the future. Questions ranged from “why is there evil in this world,” to “where will I move to next year.” I don’t remember a lot of the questions, but I remember telling someone about a bird landing on my chest and pecking a hole until light came out, and I remember stepping into the sun so that it burned away half of my body. text

1: Hello and please gather around. 

2: Welcome to Oracle

1: Travis asked us to speak to you tonight as he is already in an altered state of conciseness along with the 4 other artists involved in this experiment. 

2: In this experiment the 5 artists laying around the room are attempting to become oracles,  to bring forth the inner voice, and to answer our questions. 

1: We’d like to give you just a little information about the way this is meant to work. 

2: Travis and the others have been practicing a technique designed to place themselves into a trance state.  In this state they are still aware of the world around them, but they are also tuned into a more internal, more subtle world. 

1: Like in the dream world, the oracles will go on journeys created by their minds, both conscious and sub conscious, and consciousness not bounded by individuality.    

2: That is to say they are tapping into a universal intelligence. 

1: Why do they do this?

2: The oracles are here to help you. 

1: Unlike the dream state, our oracles have learned to stay connected the waking reality and therefore they can communicate to you what they experience. 

2: You can ask them anything you like, and they will bring an answer out of the ether. 

1: The answers you get might not make sense at first, they may be straight forward, but they might also be quite symbolic. 

2: Keep an open mind. 

1: The oracles will slip in and out of trance journeys, attempting to stay in touch with both everyday reality and the subtle world. 

2: When they are ready to answer a question they will tell you to ask. 

1: As you approach an oracle, hold you question in your mind.  Due to the subtle connection attempted tonight, you might find you answers before you even have a chance to ask anything. 

2: Wait for the oracle to prompt you, then you may ask your question out loud.  Listen to the response, and the questions and responses of others, but do not interrupt.   If others have had a chance to ask their questions, feel free to ask another.

1: Get as close as you can so you can hear.

2: The cushions near the oracles are there for you to sit on if you’d like.  Our Oracles are here for the next hour.  Use them wisely.