bloor oracleOracle, Big on Bloor Festival, 2012

Travis T Freeman

As part of the Big on Bloor Festival I hosted two projects at my tent. The Better Machine for a Better Toronto, and Oracle. After putting myself into a trance-like state visitors could ask me any question they liked.


This participatory art project allows you to ask questions to an artist in a trance-like state on conciseness.

In this experiment Travis is attempting to become an oracle, to bring forth an inner voice, and to answer your questions. 

Like in a dream, the oracle will go on journeys created by his conscious mind, his sub-conscious mind, and also consciousness not bounded by individuality.   

That is to say he is tapping into a universal intelligence. 

You can ask him anything you like, and he will bring an answer out of the ether. 

The answers you get might not make sense at first, they may be straight forward, but they might also be quite symbolic. 

The oracle will slip in and out of trance journeys, attempting to stay in touch with both everyday reality and the subtle world. 

As you approach the oracle, hold you question in your mind.  Due to the subtle connection attempted here, you might find your answers before you even have a chance to ask anything. 

Wait for the oracle to prompt you, and then ask your question out loud.  Listen to the response, and the questions and responses of others, but do not interrupt.   If others have had a chance to ask their questions, feel free to ask another.

Get as close as you can so you can hear.