War Room in the Tea House of the White Flag of Surrender

Travis T Freeman

About 14 hours into attempting to conquer the world (in a video game). After 24 hours I stopped having failed.

Everybody wants to rule to world,

Since the release of the computer strategy game Sid Meier’s Civilization, in 1991 no other activity has taken control for so much of my time. Perhaps the entirety of my MFA could compete for time with the game, but honestly I don’t think it really comes close. The game has undergone multiple updates and is now on its fifth major remake called Civilization IV. The object of the game is to start with a lonely settler in the year 4000BC and build a civilization that stands throughout time and eventually rules the world! My obsession with conquering the world over the past eighteen years (more than half of my life) is somewhat disturbing considering my normally kind, nonviolent, and generally giving spirit. I cannot say for sure what leads me back again and again to this obsession. Is it simply a puzzle to solve? Or do I have a deep seeded desire to rule all around me? In the most recent version of the game there are 10 levels of difficulty. To my shame I have, until now, only been able to beat the game on the first 8 levels. Perhaps, I have been spending too much time making art; perhaps I don’t have what it takes. I propose a project in which I play Civilization IV for 24 hours straight without pause in an attempt to beat the game on the 10th level of difficulty known as Deity level.