(on ceiling) The work of 50 artists visualizing the connection between humanity and creativity, simultaneously invisible, multiple and personal

Travis T Freeman

This project was conieved as an updated reworking of the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

I am writing to invite you to be part of a project at the Macalester College Art Gallery.

The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel has stood as a symbolic image of great artistic achievement in the West for centuries. Certainly, Michelangelo‘s craftsmanship and vision is deserving of the attention it has received. However, the image itself as a depiction of the relationship between man and divinity is archaic in its singularity. I, like most people I speak to, cannot really see the mysterious divine force as a bearded white man resting on a cloud. I propose to redo this project.

To this end I would like to gather at least 100 artists together to re-visualize the image of creative force. I have heard it said that God is not the creator: God is creativity. Whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs, as an artist you are connected to creativity itself. Creativity that is not on a cloud, in the stars or another dimension, it is a thing you contact everyday. Our ceiling will replace the singular vision of Michelangelo with one that is simultaneously multiple and personal.