Nuit Blanche

October 3rd, 2015

1. the act of moving along or proceeding in orderly succession or in a formal and ceremonious manner, as a line of people, media carts, etc. 2. the line or body of people moving along in such a manner. 3. Ecclesiastical. an office, litany, etc., said or sung in a religious procession.

Procession is an act of devotion to recent art history. As the artists advance through the city they will project works they consider seminal onto the buildings and structures that they pass along the way. The route begins at the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse on Centre Island and navigates the city through streets and alleys concluding at Queen's Park. Freeman and Lugo will each push a media cart equipped with a digital projector. The journey is punctuated by brief stops in which the artist re-perform works that are difficult to find in any media format. Procession attempts to create a fleeting monument as the projections gently inscribe the city with a litany that proclaims the necessity of ephemeral art. The public is invited to walk along, joining the congregation. 


Procession moves through the city over the course of the evening beginning at Gibraltar Point and ending at Queen's Park. Pick up a map at the corner of McCaul Street and Dundas Street West.

Online Map